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Stuart Wyatt

The Secret Laws of Management
by Stuart Wyatt

Book: The Secret Laws of Management, UK English Edition
UK English Edition:

The Secret Laws of Management
40 Essential Truths for Managers

Book: The Secret Laws of Management, English India Edition
India Edition:

The Secret Laws of Management
40 Essential Truths for Managers

Taiwan & Hong Kong

China Edition:

Book: The Secret Laws of Management, Japanese Edition
Spanish Edition:


マネジメント 絶対法則40

Japanese Edition:

マネジメント 絶対法則40



40-важные истины для менеджеров


प्रबंधकों के लिए 40 आवश्यक सत्यनून

International Bestseller
  • Argentina
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Spain
  • Taiwan

"They should've had us read this book in business school...This is the most valuable book on management that I have ever read." Darrell Benatar, CEO, UserTesting.com

"More content, more wisdom and less words to read.  When our managers consult this must-read book, life at work becomes more productive and a lot less hassle for everyone." Mike Faith, President & CEO, Headsets.com, Inc.

"...the best book I’ve read about management. Short, to the point and with a lot of excellent advice and observation." Jonas Eriksson, Chief Creative Officer, Betsson Malta Ltd. (JonasWrites.com)

"...direct, straight-forward, no-holds-barred ...Stuart Wyatt tells it like it is." Daniel Robins, Commuter Services Manager, Parsons Brinkerhoff

"...a great primer on what exceptional management is all about. I really wish I'd had this tool years ago. It might have saved many a frustrated employee!" Alex Fielding, CTO, Power Assure, Inc.

"...distils the 40 simplest yet sacred truths about business...." LiveMint.com & The Wall Street Journal

"...more truly useful content in this concise resource than much lengthier management books..." Steve Brazier, Director of Education, Promethean Ltd.

"This is the way all business books should be written, with compelling ideas organized in a real-world way..."
Justin Hersh, CEO, Group Delphi

"...insightful and motivating primer for managers looking to win." Stephen Jury, Vice Chairman of Education Strategy, Promethean Ltd

"...Wyatt has found a way to cram massive leadership and management wisdom into brief, concise and digestible descriptions..." Chris Hicken, General Manager, Headsets.com, Inc.

Management Training
by Stuart Wyatt and Associates


The 40 Essential Truths of Management Training & Workshops

Available Worldwide "Teach a manager the essential truths that govern performance and you give the manager a short-cut to acquiring experience and wisdom.  The manager rapidly becomes more effective and makes better decisions."

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