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Stuart Wyatt

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Stuart Wyatt
Stuart Wyatt

Stuart Wyatt is married, 64 years old and lives in South West England.  His business experience spans the UK and US.

Stuart has provided interim executive support in the US, living in San Francisco and Atlanta for short periods during projects, including managing the launch of marketing campaigns and new ventures, interim general management, and providing business strategy consultancy.

Stuart’s first management job came at the age of twenty-six, when he was appointed national sales and marketing manager for the outboard motor division of Volvo-Penta UK.  Since then, Stuart has seen the challenges of management from many different perspectives, including small business owner and senior director within a group of companies.

Stuart founded, expanded and sold his own business, Wyatt Computer Supplies, during the ‘80s.  For five years, Stuart worked as an independent management trainer, developing his own courses in personal and team productivity and in management.

Stuart wrote the first draft of The Secret Laws of Management in 2003.  Early versions of the book were used to train new managers, after which the content was broadened and developed to provide a tune-up for managers at all levels. 

Stuart says that, “Managers today are very short of reading time, so I structured my book to enable managers to read in short bites or long hauls, whichever they prefer.  And I designed the chapters to be read in any order, so that managers can discover solutions to a current business challenge or find new ideas that will help them improve results.  There is a strong bias towards achieving results through improved leadership and management skills.”  And Stuart says that he aims to teach the maximum in the shortest possible time.

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