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Stuart Wyatt
What was it that inspired you to write The Secret Laws of Management?

In 2003, I was coaching and mentoring groups of managers in the US and the UK.  Each week, one-by-one, they would ask for advice on how to deal with their most pressing current challenge.  These challenges often boiled down to the everyday issues of how to manage and motivate people, how to organize, how to delegate and manage the work, and how to ensure that employees to gave their best performance. 

I always responded with specific advice, but I wanted to give them more.  I wanted to give those managers a fast track route to acquiring the management experience that usually takes many years.  That inspired me to start condensing my own hard-earned experience into the forty essential truths for managers that are explained in The Secret Laws of Management.
What was your own path to becoming a manager and how did you become involved in training other people?

At age 26 I was a sales representative travelling the UK.  A major competitor head-hunted my sales manager and I promoted into his job.  I then cut my management teeth on a small team.  I fell headlong into many of the traps that lie in wait for managers.  However, I was fortunate because my employer, part of the Volvo Group, invested heavily in training their managers: short courses, business school. During those courses I always admired the few management trainers who could both teach and motivate people to change for the better. 

Some years later, after I had sold my own company, Wyatt Computer Supplies, I had some money in the bank and the luxury of doing whatever I wanted.  I chose to change career direction and become a trainer.  I developed my own courses in personal & team productivity and in project based management.  I love the challenge of teaching managers.  It’s such a worthwhile thing to do because it not only helps the manager but also the people who report to him or her.


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