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Stuart Wyatt
The Secret Laws of Management:
40 Essential Truths for Managers

About Management Workshops...

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Management Training Workshops and Seminars:

Available throughout Europe, North America and The Middle East

THE 40 ESSENTIAL TRUTHS MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS focus on helping managers to achieve objectives through others.

When we teach a manager the essential truths that govern a team’s performance we give him or her a short-cut to experience and wisdom.  The manager rapidly becomes more effective and tends to make better decisions. 

Managers participate in a high-involvement workshops or seminars that use real-life experiences as the basis for teaching how to achieve objectives through others, on time and to the standard required.

Management Training Courses and Workshops*

The 40 Essential Truths
Management Workshops

"I’ve used Stuart Wyatt’s management training programs in my company over a period of ten years.  On every occasion, the training has exceeded my expectations.  The training has always provided a solid foundation for managers, going straight to the heart of good management and leadership.  I’d describe his training programs as short, sharp, incisive, no wasted time, effective.  I have always seen a direct link from the training to action by managers with improved results." Mike Faith, CEO, Headsets.com, inc.

The lessons taught during these workshops and seminars are based upon the management lessons in the The Secret Laws of Management: 40 Essential Truths for Managers by Stuart Wyatt.

Options include:

  • Management Workshops for small groups of managers. The managers participate in a high-involvement workshop that uses real-life experiences as the basis for teaching how to achieve objectives through others, on time and to the standard required. Working in small groups enables the specific subject matter to be relevant and immediately useful upon returning to work. Duration: one or two days.

  • Seminars for groups of up to forty people. Duration: day or half-day.
  • Team Workshops for one team per workshop, including the manager. This high involvement workshop teaches the team how to work more effectively together in order to achieve their objectives on time and to the standard required.

These management training options are deliverable throughout Europe, North America and The Middle East. Interested?

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Management Workshop Content

Essential Truth

Management & Leadership Lessons Taught

People tolerate being managed, but they love being led

The differences between management and leadership and how that affects results.

Deadlines often backfire

When and how to set deadlines, and when they may well prove counter-productive.

People don’t say NO to interruptions often enough

How to improve personal and team productivity by focusing on objectives

People don’t hit invisible targets, unless by accident

Setting and managing the achievement of objectives through others

People do not cope with more than seven concurrent objectives

Organising the team to best effect and increasing results through focusing on what really matters.

1 employee + 2 managers = half the output

Set and work within the most productive structures

Good managers are occasionally unpopular

Four common pitfalls of manager / employee relations and how to avoid them.

People are outrageously optimistic when they estimate time

Why so many teams fail to deliver and how to inject more reality into planning.

Inertia sets in after only fifteen minutes

Setting and maintaining a productive team environment.

People hate change and change happens

Tips for managing change.

People value praise above money

The value of praising, with how and when to praise, with advice on how to get the balance right.

Managers tend to flog their willing horses to exhaustion

Use individuals to maximum effectiveness without burning them out.

People easily become addicted  to being firefighter

How to take control of a fire-fighting work loads or situations and turn them around.

Attention seekers never change

Managing difficult employees and recognizing how one individual can undermine an entire team’s performance if the manager does not handle that person effectively.

People prefer to leave the nasty jobs until last

The common pitfalls of putting things off when it is inappropriate,

People want to be given their work in one of only four ways

Choosing the most effective delegation styles bearing in mind the person, the task and the situation.

Productivity is a natural trait

Managing and leading a small team to maximum levels of personal productivity.

People are easily tricked into thinking that urgent equals important

Prioritising the work.

Most people hate being organized

Creating an effective administrative environment within the team.

Managers tend to give the worst tasks to their best people

How to decide which tasks to delegate to each team member.

Some unintelligent people are a great asset, but others are dangerous

Managing different personality types to maximise results.

Some lazy people are a great asset, but others must go

Managing different personality types to maximise results.

Most people say NO in code

The importance of accountability within the team, and when working with people outside of the team.

Work expands to fill the time available

Managing time, systems and detail as effectively as possible.

People tend to do things at the accepted time, which is often not the effective time

Using time slots to lift results.

When leaders don’t create the culture they want, they get a culture that they definitely don’t want

Using team culture as a leadership tool to enhance performance.

When the manager lacks self discipline, people don’t try

The hard fact that managers must step up to the mark in all aspects and set an example.

All bullies eventually suffer their

A warning for managers to act within acceptable management norms whilst also being assertive where necessary.

The team does not judge you by your best or worst performances

How a manager must overcome his or her occasional personal mistakes or poor performance and rise above them to lead the team and do better next time.

The team believes what they see over what you say

How a managers integrity and sincerity lift performance, and how a lack of integrity can dramatically undermine performance.

Listening to personal stuff can backfire

Maintaining appropriate friendly professional relationships with team members.

There is often an unfair time delay between effort and reward

The need for a manager to lead the way in maintaining motivation.

Most people resist planning

Planning the work, tasks, objectives, standards, costs.

Teams rarely achieve things when they believe they can’t

How attitude affects results, either positively or negatively, starting with the manager him or herself.

Team goals + team desire = team results

How the use of goals can motivate a team.

Few people think, really think

The need for managers to use their brains more, and intelligently achieve results through others.

Energy levels rise and fall with expectations

How to spot when motivation and belief is dwindling.  How leaders help their team increase their enthusiasm and energy.

People don’t get out of bed to achieve your goals

How to deal with the harsh realities of motivating people to play their part in the team and really want to achieve the desired results.

There are nine common de-motivators

How to avoid the nine most common mistakes that managers (and companies) make, thereby de-motivating the team.

Many managers do not truly want to be the boss

How to cope with personal doubt and motivate oneself to become a better manager.

Tailored Management Training*

Tailored Management Training

What's your need? If the management workshops described above do not appear to exactly match your management training requirement, please contact us straight away.

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