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Stuart Wyatt

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"They should've had us read this book in business school (instead of teaching us the perfect market theory).  This is the most valuable book on management that I have ever read." Darrell Benatar, CEO, UserTesting.com

"The Secret Laws of Management distils the 40 simplest yet sacred truths about business for supervisor and subordinate, trainee and old hand." LiveMint.com & The Wall Street Journal

"There’s more truly useful content in this concise resource than much lengthier management books that I’ve read." Steve Brazier, Director of Education, Promethean Ltd.

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"Stuart's book has really been a great primer on what exceptional management is all about. I really wish I'd had this tool years ago. It might have saved many a frustrated employee!" Alex Fielding, CTO, Power Assure, Inc.

"More content, more wisdom and less words to read.  When our managers consult this must-read book, life at work becomes more productive and a lot less hassle for everyone." Mike Faith, President & CEO, Headsets.com, Inc.

"This book is ideal for CEOs and their management teams to use as a workbook, a powerful tool for sharpening up performance and improving management skills." Michael A. Torres,CEO, Adelante Capital Management LLC.

"This is the way all business books should be written, with compelling ideas organized in a real-world way.  As you face the daily challenges of managing or leading you can return to this book for inspiration and practical ideas for almost any leadership challenge. We acquired a company this year and this book should be required reading for anyone who is planning on acquisition or merger.  The section on change is particularly relevant to the bringing together of two companies." Justin Hersh, CEO, Group Delphi

"The Secret Laws of Management is the best book I’ve read about management. Short, to the point and with a lot of excellent advice and observation." Jonas Eriksson, Chief Creative Officer, Betsson Malta Ltd. (JonasWrites.com)

"I found this book refreshingly straightforward. Stuart Wyatt writes easily, with the conviction which only comes from experience. His jargon-free language ensures that these techniques are easy to follow and implement. Management can be lonely sometimes, whether you are the CEO, SVP, a middle manager or section leader. Now it need be lonely no more. Use Wyatt's book as your best friend. it will focus your thought processes and energize your performance. My recommendation would be to take advantage and get the most from his experience, with the minimum of cost and effort. I wish I had found advice like this when I was starting in business many years ago." Richard James, retired CEO.

"This book has muscle and sinew that have been exercised in real life competition.  Tightly written, no holds barred.  Every executive could use it as a tune up checklist.  When the book is published, I will buy it for my staff.  A stand out piece of work." Anthony Sandberg, President, OCSC Sailing

"The individual laws are too true. I really like the honesty. A great tool for training...so easy to read and use as a management tool and reference.  Every manager should have one on their desk." Franka Winchester, General Partner, Pacific Crest Group

"Stuart Wyatt provides direct, straight-forward, no-holds-barred observations.  Stuart Wyatt tells it like it is." Daniel Robins, Commuter Services Manager, Parsons Brinkerhoff

"Fits the bill as an insightful and motivating primer for managers looking to win." Stephen Jury, Vice Chairman of Education Strategy, Promethean Ltd

"The unique approach of this book results in each chapter hitting the target and teaching a valuable lesson.  There’s more truly useful content in this concise resource than much lengthier management books that I’ve read." Steve Brazier, Director of Education, Promethean Ltd.

"Stuart Wyatt's 'Secret Laws of Management' is one of the best-written management books I have ever read. The Secret Laws of Management offers to-the-point and practical advice for aspiring, newly appointed and experienced managers. You can pick it up, read a Secret Law, put it down and then use that law in your managerial situation. The 'Law Lookup' at the back of the book is an excellent and innovative way for readers to get to exactly the law they require for their situation. It is ideal for quick-hit solutions to the problems that trouble many of today's managers and leaders." Barry Faith, CEO Arlington Associates.

"This is the most useful management book I have read because it goes straight to the point and helps me know how to manage different people in different situations. I have been unable to find that explained helpfully in any other book." Olivia London

"As I floundered on my tenth day as a new manager (in 2003), I read an early draft of this book and it helped me re-frame my thinking around management and leadership.  By the end of the month, and after several reads through, I considered myself a manager. I came back to the book so many times that I started using it as a training tool for managers on my team.  Now, this book is required reading for any supervisor or manager on my team.  I keep 4 business books next to my desk for quick reference – The Secret Laws of Management is one of them. Wyatt has found a way to cram massive leadership and management wisdom into brief, concise and digestible descriptions.  Without a doubt, these have been the best 142 pages for my leadership career." Chris Hicken, General Manager, Headsets.com, Inc.

'OMG I love this book!  I have read the Secret Laws [of Management] two times already and I keep grabbing it to look up something to rethink!Linda Pickering, Senior Vice President, MeritDirect.com

'Imperative study.' D. MURALI , The Hindu Newspaper

Book Description:

The Secret Laws of Management: 40 Essential Truths for Managers by Stuart Wyatt

Paperback: 21 x 13.2 x 1.6 cm, 142 pages, 40 Chapters, Problem Solving Section, Index.
Publisher: Headline Publishing UK, Imprint: Business Plus (Jun 2010), ISBN-13: 978-0755360949.

Every team comprises a group of people with unique personalities.  However, as people work together, a similar set of challenges keeps on re-appearing.  The people are diverse, the jobs vary considerably, the culture of each organization is unique, but the people-related issues remain the same.

The Secret Laws of Management identifies forty laws of management. They are all essential truths about how to manage people.  Each law presents a common or inescapable challenge that managers must face.  Failing to recognize and handle the challenge would lead to one or more problems, including reduced productivity, discord amongst team members and the manager’s life at work becoming most disagreeable. 

Being aware of these laws enables us to avoid many of the pitfalls that other managers fall into headlong.  The outcome is less personal strain, improved results, and effective relationships between team members.

Management eBook: The Secret Laws of Management, 40 Essential Truths for Managers by Stuart Wyatt
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These 40 Essential Truths of Management will inspire your management and leadership success

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The Secret Laws of Management

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Stuart Wyatt

This book offers you...

Law 1, People tolerate being managed
but they love being led

Law 2, Deadlines often backfire

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